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Laurice Caren April Adams
Autobiographical Author

"You Took My Everything" shares the personal story of Laurice Caren April Adams and sheds light on the extreme pain and suffering she sustained as a child after being placed in the foster care system alongside two siblings. Living a Cinderella life before the magic slippers, Laurice's story quickly moves to time she spent caring for the foster family's animals having to wade through manure and cooking, cleaning, and performing household maintenance in servitude as a foster inmate. The naturally resultant turmoil, pain, and suffering was exacerbated by continued beatings with raw-hide straps while left naked in a cold damp basement adding agony to her wounds. Barely a teen, beaten, and then molested by her foster father, Laurice developed fears of closets and the dark. Her title educates readers regarding the dark side of the foster system and explains why foster children often run away and hit the streets to fend for themselves.

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