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“The Blue Slate Pebble”

In the heart of North Lancashire, Frank Taylor’s upbringing was anchored in the sturdy embrace of a rock-solid family. Yet, destiny often dances on the edge of wildness. Frank could have easily veered into teenage rebellion, but fate had other plans.


Enter Karen, imperfect yet devoted. Their love, like a well-played symphony, harmonized work, rest, and play. Together, they wove a tapestry of commitment.


Their son, Mark, sought adventure across the near continent, only to return with a heart shattered. But within the walls of their unwavering support, Mark found his footing. And then came Louise, completing his life—a mosaic of love and resilience.


Sarah, born of bad luck, met her daddy, Mark, at the tender age of three. Her anachronistic upbringing fueled her purpose: to be a messenger of love. As a brilliant lawyer, she wielded her womanhood against high-conflict divorces, salvaging marriages and shielding children from destruction.


Amidst the romantic drama, steamy scenes unfolded—a dance of passion and vulnerability. Life’s impervious moments, like a blue slate pebble, held hidden courage. For Frank and Karen’s son, that unassuming charm became a talisman of fortune.


And so, readers of romance, heed the call. Mr. Steven Kay weaves tales that resonate—a symphony of love, courage, and the unexpected. Join them today, for within these pages, ordinary items birth extraordinary courage.


About the Author: Steven Kay Born in Lancashire, Steven’s childhood near Morecambe Bay and the Forest of Bowland shaped his love for the outdoors. His mathematical roots transitioned to languages, and he now leads a simple life—a health-food enthusiast who swims in lakes, cycles, and camps. Fluent in Dutch, he dreams of retiring in Austria, where rain-kissed landscapes echo memories of Cumbria.

Pebbles, Love Across the Morecambe Bay

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