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Frank Taylor could easily have ended up as a wild teenager, despite growing up in a rock solid family in North Lancashire. Luckily for him, he meets Karen, although like him she isn’t perfect, they are devoted to each other. Both take their work, rest and play seriously. Their son, Mark, goes in search of adventures on the near continent, but comes back home broken hearted. Thanks to the rock solid support from his parents, he gets back onto his feet, and with Louise his life is complete. Sarah, as a result of bad luck, didn’t see her daddy, Mark, until the age of three, but carries on thanks to her anachronistic upbringing to continue in being a messenger of love. As a beautiful lawyer, she uses her womanhood in fighting against high conflict divorces and saves many marriages with children, from destruction. There are some steamy romantic scenes amidst the romantic drama in this romance novel about Frank Taylor from northern England and the story unfolds, sharing how the most impervious of items during somber life events often result in the most momentous bouts of courage in the face of obstacles that characters can't see beyond. For Frank and Karen's son it is a blue slate pebble that turns out to be his good luck charm . . . Readers of romance continue to deliver excellent reviews of Mr. Kay's stories . . . join them today!


About the Author: Steven Kay was born in Lancashire and he grew up in Hambleton close to Morecambe Bay and the Forest of Bowland. His father introduced him to the great outdoors and his mother showed him how to make the most out of his life. His education started in mathematics and at university transitioned to languages. Steven leads a simple life as a health-food enthusiast, he loves to go lake swimming, cycling and camping. He maintains fluency in Dutch and he intends to retire in Austria where the landscape reminds him of Cumbria but without the continual rains. In Austria he communicates fluently with the locals, and meets up with many flying Hollanders, who also appreciate the Low Countries rather than the Alps. Finally, without a car and TV, Steven values love of a bygone era and the peacefulness it allows him to enjoy.

Pebbles, Love Across the Morecambe Bay

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