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The Believer's Guide to Loving the Whole Self: Through a Shadow Work Prompt Journal - this shadow work prompt journal provides quality introduction to Carl Jung's theories, supportive personality tests, and more. Personality is comprised of layers of self-according to Car Jung, who was a Christian. Learning to love the whole self is achieved, once shadow work unearths all the elements of our persona - even hidden ones. Our shadow self, or unconscious, desires acknowledgement and acceptance in the achievement of life balance.


Have you ever had a discussion or disagreement only to say something you think about later and ask yourself:


  • Where did that come from?
  • Why would I say something like that?
  • I don't really think this way consciously, so why am I saying or thinking such things?
  • Have you responded to stimuli outside of your normal demeanor?



THE BELIEVER’S GUIDE TO LOVING THE WHOLE SELF THROUGH A SHADOW WORK PROMPT JOURNAL aids readers in attaining answers to these questions and more. This title includes:


  • Chapter One: self-assessments feature a suite of online tests to take - each are easily found on the Internet through a search engine and hotlinks are provided.


  • Chapter Two: lists of the characteristics of types of shadow characters ~ each of us has “one” that is a close association to our experience. Readers follow test prompts to gain greater awareness regarding the characteristics they align with. These are fun exercises and aid in learning their personality type.


  • Chapter Three: identifies the results of these self-assessments and discerned characteristics.


  • Chapter Four: includes shadow work prompts followed by two-notetaking pages with closing supportive quotes. Each prompt is preceded by a daily and/or weekly calendar.


Your path to self-actualization is within your grasp. By obtaining a copy of, “The Believer’s Guide to Loving the Whole Self through a Shadow Work Prompt Journal,” your footpath on the road to personal clarity and transformation begins! Self-discovery is enhanced through quality shadow self-work in the act of unearthing readers' shadow psyche, which results in self-reflection and personal goal achievement - introspection is where "it is at" in acknowledging our shadow self.

While some tout that Shadow Work is negative, bad, unbridled, riddled with sin, evil, etc. In actuality, shadow work and management of the self in the act of self-love serves to protect the inner and outer person. Remember, Carl Jung was / is a Christian and his beliefs were to elevate the personality. The inner voice speaks to fears while providing living lessons not easily traversed by the conscious self. Learning through shadow work establishes whole being wellness by recovering any/all shattered or unbridled personality elements and then replacing those lesions with knowledge and light.
About the Author: Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry is the owner of a small, woman-owned, publishing house where services are achieved using traditional and/or Indie platforms with ghostwriting support availability. Ms. Quesinberry, as a ghostwriter, captures authors’ voices through synergistic collaboration over question-and-answer dialogue. Donna also delivers coaching to authors regarding book creation to event-planning, brand and image management, and marketing and promotions.


As a published author herself, she has over twenty-five titles in print, with another suite in production, and has ghostwritten (with and without credit) over thirty varied nonfiction titles. As a credited editor, desktop engineer, proofreader, and publisher, Ms. Quesinberry has produced well over two-hundred and fifty fiction, and non-fiction, titles, magazines, and other publications - she currently resides in the metropolitan Washington DC area.

Loving the Whole Self Through A Shadow Work Prompt Jour

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