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After receiving a diagnosis, then subsequent removal of a cancerous tumor from the third ventricle, Author Phil Force decided to write about his experience. "Letters From Limbo" is a story of self-discovery after the trauma of brain cancer. Review with Phil Force aspects of his personal history which once seemed dark and observe as he finds love for everyone including himself via a reinterpretation of the world.


This is a novel cancer survivors, sufferers and advocates everywhere should read. The pace has a good tempo and "Letters From Limbo" provides readers with an understanding of the process of diagnosis to recovery from the plague called: "cancer."



About the Author: Philip C. Force was born July 7, 1984 in Brazoria, TX. Philip was raised in Austin, TX and lived in Boerne, TX for short period of time. The first child of three, Philip has yet to marry or conceive children. He currently holds a BA in Psychology and lives in Austin, TX where he runs his web design company, Blue 3 Designs and writes in his spare time.

Philip had always held a fascination for the human perspective. Psychology would have been a clear choice for his chosen field of work had a learning disability and low self-esteem inspired a lack of effort in his studies. Philip tested for his G.E.D. on September 11th, 2001.

After receiving his diploma, Philip proceeded to live with friends, unable to keep a job for more than a few weeks at most. With a low self-esteem, Philip began to form an enmity toward most of the human race. He eventually found longer-term employment but felt unfulfilled in his work and, after a few months, made the commitment to move to live with his grandparents and attend college courses to study phlebotomy. Philip wouldn t finish his courses that semester, as the growth of a brain tumor would inspire months of treatment and recovery.

Philip acknowledges that his experience with cancer has been the most positive experience of his life. The experience inspired Philip to review his personal history and reevaluate his perspective of the world and himself. Through this experience, Philip found love for himself and every person in his past and present. This change in perspective is documented in Philip s book, Letters From Limbo.

Letters From Limbo, by Phil Force of Texas

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