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In the enchanting world of Elevated Details, women are worth their weight in gold—possessing a luminous essence that leaves an indelible mark on those they encounter. These remarkable women navigate life’s obstacles with grace, their hearts alight with positivity, and their spirits soaring. Their stories weave tradition, character, and a profound connection to the ethereal.


At their core, these extraordinary women resonate with a spiritual inner strength—a force that transcends the mundane and dances with the mystical. They are conduits for angelic events, whispering secrets of the supranormal into the fabric of everyday existence. Their presence is magnetic, drawing people toward them like celestial bodies aligning in cosmic harmony.


They master diverse realms: from arts and entertainment to wealth and abundance, from managing companies to nurturing souls. Yet, beneath their accomplishments lies a profound humility—a recognition that their gifts are not solely their own but are borrowed from the universe. Their high self-image is tempered by modest integrity, creating a delicate balance that elevates their interactions with others.


And so, people gravitate to them, seeking solace, inspiration, and a glimpse of the extraordinary. These women are more than earthly beings; they are conduits between Mother Earth and Heavenly Father. Their elevated details—the whispered wisdom, the shared laughter, the gentle touch—linger long after they’ve departed, etching their legacy into the hearts of those fortunate enough to cross their paths.


About the AuthorDonna L. Quesinbery, a luminary herself, weaves magic with her words. Her prose dances between realms, inviting readers to explore the extraordinary within the ordinary. As the founder and president of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., she curates a diverse collection of genre-centric titles from authors spanning nine countries and five continents. Her newest endeavor, The DonnaInk Book Show, brings literary conversations to life on Faces of Rap Mothers® Television Network, where she continues to celebrate the power of storytelling.


About the PublisherDonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. is more than a publishing house; it’s a sanctuary for eclectic voices. With a commitment to organic growth and industry-recognized marketing, DonnaInk supports both established and emerging authors. From inspiration to scriptwriting, from poets in action to new title releases, DonnaInk’s literary universe spans over 50 million national and international accessible viewers. Under the visionary leadership of Ms. Quesinbery, this publishing haven continues to elevate the art of storytelling, one page at a time.

Elevated Details

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Expected to ship in the second week of July 2024
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