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ThunderForge Pubs release of fantasy fiction title, The Uniting of the Small World in eBook

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.'s ThunderForge Pubs Imprint delivers delightfully uplifting stories transporting readers, young and old, to new fantastical realms of life where characters become real ~ excellent vision and creativity!

CARTHAGE, N.C. - July 30, 2020 - PRLog -- DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through their ThunderForge Pubs Imprint, has produced the 2nd volume in The History of the Small World series written by Dr. Gerhard Plenert. This is a solid suite of fantasy fiction for readers young and old we are very excited to share with readers. The Uniting of the Small World shares a delightfully uplifting fantasy adventure that takes readers on a journey into realms where characters are believable. Readers genuinely care about the lives, conquests and triumphs and tragedies shared through visionary excellence and creativity!

This is an enlightening series of interesting events which holds the reader captive. The vivid details engage the reader with glimpses of Small World which includes dwarfs, lepelves, elves, gnomes and leprechauns. The story is a reflection of the challenges of a world where light and truth triumphs narrowly but only when sought by the few good. ~Ar Perumal Nagapushnam, Architect, Post Grad Dip Architecture, Selangor, Malaysia

About the Author: Dr. Plenert's first effort in the world of fiction was the fantasy Small World Series. Since then he has also ventured into mystery and suspense novels. He looks forward to a career as a fiction author. Dr. Gerhard Plenert has served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Philippines in recent years and currently resides in California with his wife. He is the father of eight adult children and has authored over twenty fiction and nonfiction titles.

About the Book: in the first book in The History of Small World series, titled "The Siege of the Small World" we journeyed with the leprechauns as they organized an expedition to the north in order to find out why trade had stopped. This second book in the series begins with their arrival at the North Groves and continues with their trials and challenges in the hope that the northern and southern trade can be reestablished.

Publisher: ThunderForge Pubs is a fantasy and science fiction novel imprint of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. started in 2019. DonnaInk is a small, woman-owned, publishing house featuring traditional and Indie works of eclectic authors from five continents and over nine nations - for discriminating readers from around the world with a progressively increasing organic pattern of growth.

Visit: to obtain your copy and use the coupon code: COVID blues at checkout for a discount.

Media Contact DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Special Markets *** 910-947-3189

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